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U.S. - Morgan Dollar (Heads) Cut Coin Money Clip

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An actual silver U.S. Morgan dollar, meticulously hand drilled and cut, then set into a sturdy, high quality stainless steel money clip. 

To enjoy your money clip for years to come...
The cut coins are stronger than they look, but I don't recommend keeping your money clip in the same pocket as your keys, pocket knife, etc. Check the small screw occasionally to make sure it stays tight. Avoid over-stuffing the money clip, or using it to hold credit cards or ID's. The manufacturer recommends not exceeding 15 bills, and not folding the bills in half, but I find this unrealistic. You can't control how much change a cashier gives you back! That means, like all money clips, it will eventually loosen some. I have been using my money clip for several years, and I just change the way I fold and clip the bills based on how many I am carrying at any given time. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!