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United Kingdom - Cut Coin Pendant with Welsh Dragon

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This pendant was meticulously drilled and cut by hand from an actual British one pound coin. It features the Welsh Dragon.

The Welsh Dragon is a traditional heraldic symbol of Wales, and is featured on the national flag. The use of the Welsh Dragon a symbol of Wales goes back the year 829 AD, but many believe that it was the battle standard of King Arthur, and is often associated with him and other Celtic leaders. This coin is a commemorative issue celebrating heraldic symbols from around the country. It is very difficult to find them in decent condition here in the U.S. and is challenging to cut due to it's thickness and weight.

This coin is 22.5 mm and is golden in color. It comes on a strong and hypoallergenic 20" stainless steel chain. Other chain or cord options are possible upon request.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions: Jarrett@RnRLegacy.com