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New Zealand - Tui Bird Cut Coin Pendant (with words)

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This pendant was meticulously drilled and cut by hand from an actual one penny coin from New Zealand. It features a tui bird standing in a kowhai tree.

Tui birds are one of the largest species in the honeyeater family. They are known for their complex vocalizations similar to parrots that include clicks, bell sounds, creaks, groans and wheezes. Also like parrots, they can be trained to imitate human speech. The kowhai tree is a beautiful tree with bright yellow flowers found throughout New Zealand.  

This coin is 31 mm and is copper in color. It comes on 20” copper plated brass chain. Other chain or cord options are possible upon request.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions: Jarrett@RnRLegacy.com