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Bahamas - Starfish Cut Coin Pin

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This is an actual one penny coin from the Bahamas that has been meticulously hand-cut with a jeweler's saw, and then set as a pin. Designed as a tie tack or lapel pin, but can be worn anywhere the post will fit.

The post is soldered, not glued, to the back of the coin for strength and durability. The deluxe clutch features a low-profile release that helps ensure that ties lie flat, while holding the pin more securely than other styles.

The starfish featured on this beautiful coin is likely the Red Cushion Sea Star, found in shallow waters of the Western Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is a larger starfish, capable of growing up to twenty inches in diameter. It's hard upper surface is covered with blunt spines and can be red, orange, yellow or brown in color.