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Bahamas - Hibiscus Cut Coin Pendant

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This pendant was meticulously drilled and cut by hand from an actual 15 cent coin from the Bahamas. It features a hibiscus flower.

The hibiscus rosa-sinensis is a flowering bush that produces large, colorful trumpet shaped flowers. It is widely cultivated in tropical regions as an ornamental plant. It is not known in the wild, but is likely native to the tropics of Asia. 

The shape and orientation of the design of this coin make it very unique, and a particularly beautiful cut coin pendant.

This coin is 25 mm and is silver in color. It comes on a strong and hypoallergenic 20" stainless steel chain. Other chain or cord options are possible upon request.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions: Jarrett@RnRLegacy.com