"Timekeeper's Key" #1

R&R Legacy Craft Studio

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The pieces in this series are actual antique and vintage keys paired with gears from an antique pendulum clock. The gears are buffed to eliminate sharp edges and then securely attached to the keys. Each gear and key is carefully chosen to complement each other. They are polished in some places and left rough and tarnished in others to enhance visual interest. The fine stainless steel chains are cut to exact lengths and made to hang and move freely, catching light and contrasting with the shape and colors of the other elements.

The use of industrial metals and alternative components is my way of challenging the concept of fine jewelry and what are considered proper materials.

The design, materials and processes used are intended to create a contemporary finished piece that has a sense of mystery and antiquity. I invite you to let your imagination run free and create your own story with these unique pieces. 

Components: Vintage key, antique clock gear, stainless steel chain.

Centerpiece: approx. 3.5" tall by 1" wide

Chain length: approx. 20

*These pieces are made with actual vintage objects, not replicas or reproductions*