Fine art jewelry made from hand-cut coins and other reclaimed treasures

Pen Nib Necklace with Hammered Copper Hoop

R&R Legacy Craft Studio

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The elegant pieces in this series are crafted from an actual ink pen nib that has been suspended within and over a ring of copper. The pen nibs are buffed down at the end to remove the sharp point, and set to hang and move freely. The copper rings are individually hand-wrought from recycled copper electrical wire. They are cut, formed, soldered, hammered, textured and then polished.

The use of alternative components and re-purposed objects such as a pen nib is my way of challenging the concept of fine jewelry and what are considered proper materials.

The design, materials and processes used are intended to create a contemporary finished piece that has a sense of mystery and antiquity. I invite you to let your imagination run free and create your own story with these unique pieces. 

Centerpiece: Approx. 2" tall x 1" wide

Chain: 20" stainless steel